Short-Term Business Loans

Our small short-term loans serve as a quick and flexible source of funding to pay for emergency expenses or seize a business opportunity.

What Are Short-Term Loans?

Flexible repayment terms

A short-term loan online is designed to meet specific business needs, so they often offer flexible repayment terms that fit your budget.

Bridge Cash Flow Gaps

A short-term loan can help bridge the gap during periods of slow cash flow and keep your business operations running smoothly.

Meet Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected expenses, such as equipment breakdowns or emergency repairs, can be covered by a short-term loan, helping you avoid disruptions to your business.

Short-term loans online are a type of financing solution for small business owners that provides quick access to working capital to address immediate financial needs. They have a shorter repayment period, usually within a year or less, and are used for specific business purposes such as covering a temporary cash flow shortage, purchasing inventory, or investing in equipment. Short-term loans for small businesses are generally easier to obtain than traditional long-term loans and have a faster approval process.

How Does A Short-Term Loan Benefit My Business?

Short-term loans provide fast access to funds to cover pressing business expenses. Unlike long-term loans, they come without the risk of incurring substantial debts or interest, and don’t require a long-term commitment to loan payments. Among the top benefits of a short term loan is the availability of a timely solution, providing your business with the necessary funds and offering you the flexibility to repay the loan promptly.

Borrowing Power

Starts at $$ up to $$

Flexible loan terms

Repay the loan over a term of year to year.

Immediate cash

Fill cash flow gaps and seize business opportunities.

Check Your Short-Term Loan Rate

Our loan calculator allows you to estimate payments and choose a short-term loan amount to make a well-informed financial decision.

How To Apply For Short-Term Loans With Ecwitty?

We know you have a business to run. Therefore, we’ve created a streamlined application process that is quick and simple for online short-term loans
Discuss your short-term loans for bad credit decisions and the short-term loan with your personal Funding Specialist.

Receive cash funds as early as one business day after approval for any business need.

Why Choose Ecwitty’s Short Term Loans?

At Ecwitty, we have a deeper understanding of small businesses compared to traditional banks, as we are fully immersed in the entrepreneurial journey with our clients every day.

Upon receipt of your application, we’ll assess your business based on key indicators such as available income, payment track record, small loans near me and expected cash flow. Our lending model is more adaptable and realistic, allowing us to construct a personalized short term loan file for your business – something that traditional banks cannot match.

With the help of our quick short term lending, you can: